Below are links to maps of the city districts of Specularum. They are in PDF format. there are DM maps with buildings and locations keyed, together with Player Character versions without the keyed buildings. The maps open in separate windows    

    The Hill District DM map    PC map link
    Bricktop District DM map    Bricktop District PC map
    North End District DM map    North End District PC map
    Merchant District and Docks DM map    Merchant District and Docks PC map
    South End District map    South End District PC map
    Old Quarter District map    Old Quarter District PC map
    The Nest District map    The Nest District PC map
    Church District map    Church District PC map
    Stronghold District map    Stronghold District PC map
    Foreign Quarter District map    Foreign Quarter District PC map
  Work in progress - combinbed map of district sections