FC1 - "Fantasy Cities - SPECULARUM AC 1000" Campaign Accessory

In the D&D Reference Guide written by Bruce Heard in June 1991 (see this document on the Vaults of Pandius website), tentive outline plans were described for Mystara products for 1992 an beyond. The tentative 1993 plan included tis product:
"DCr1 - Fantasy Cities(tm) #1, Specularum AC 1011: This new supplement provides a new look at the classic city of the D&D(r) Game, during the game year of 1011 AC. Includes street maps, building layouts, non player characters, historical information, etc. We may develop a link with the electronic games based upon Karameikos."

Memnbers of the Piazza Mystara Forum have been dfiscussinga nd working towards a fan-built version of this publication - the FC1 City Book - Specularum, with the "default" setting of AC 1000.

It's been a slow process, but things are gradually coming togerther.. Below is an outline of the constituent parts of the eventual book and notes on their status.

Section 0: Front cover/Table of Contents/Introduction We have some draft front covers in the Piazza forum with a "Fantasy Cities" logo courtesy of Gawain_VIII.
The ToC will be finalised when the rest of the book is complete.
Need to write an introdtcory piece giving a brief overview of the city

Section 1: History of Specularum Combines Agathokles; (GP's) Timeline of Spevularum History with allanP's article on the growth/physical geography of Specvularum.
Completed and formatted into a chapter; available as a PDF download

Section 2: The City Districts Completed - 2nd December 2012 - subject to any proofreading corrections, etc
Combinnng A4 versions of the District maps with text describing the history of the neighbourhood and its cuurrent (AC 1000) status
Download PDF available of this chapter

Section 3: Notable Locales GP (Agathokles) has prepared a section on various Temple
We need to compile some similar sections on other types of buildings, e.g. Inns & Taverns, Markets, Monnuments, Guildhalls, Administrative...

Section 4: Citizens of Specularum GP produced a document describing 30+ NPCs; this has been formatted into a chapter of the book

Section 5: Adventure Hooks Not really done much on this section
GP (Agathokles) wrote a piece on using the "Ruined Church of St. Rybich" in his Temples of Specularum article; that would seem to be something to include in this section

Section 6: Appendices and Index + back cober The main part of this section will be an index of entries and will be compiled once the rest of the book is done...
GP (Agathok;es) compiled a master list of NPCs identified in published canon material, together with the NPCs in section 4; might be good to have a versionn of this master list as an appendic (possibly showing the "normal" location of each...?)
There's also a master list of buildings, etc which could also form a separate appendix
Maybe some other appendices summarising other aspects, e.g. religions in the city, law and oerder, trade guilds, secret societies, etc

supplement: Large map booklet Might be good to have a separate supplement with the A3 bersions of the District maps...